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Do You Need Roof Replacement in Pembroke Pines, FL?

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Roof Replacement in Pembroke Pines, FL

Nothing lasts forever. That includes your house roofing. We provide a full range of roof replacement services in Pembroke Pines, FL. According to data gathered by Schneider and Keenan, the average life span of different roof types ranges from 10 to 17 years. 

That depends on the materials used. It excludes metal roofing, which lasts 22 years. Weather and environmental factors can vary those figures.

Here are 6 ways to get your house ready for a roof replacement.

1. Clear The Work Zone.


Clear the work area. This makes it easy for your chosen hired roofing service to move about and work, as well as to set up working equipment and materials in your home.

Movable basketball hoops, grills, and outdoor furniture should be relocated. Store what you can temporarily in your shed. Use your garage for additional storage space. This is important especially if roof work will continue for some time.

You may need to hire and schedule moving services for the following reasons:

  • if it’s an extensive job and you need to clear a lot of space
  • if you need to store somewhere else
  • if your contractor does not help with moving
  • if there’s heavy lifting

2. Clear The Roof.

Whatever you’ve installed on the roof must come off. These may be your TV and Internet installation, other antennas or satellite dishes, and even solar panels. You may need to schedule for official help from your service providers. 

Do this early so that they can finish the task before your roof service contractor arrives.

3. Clear The Walls And High Shelves Or Cabinets.

Once your service provider begins the work on roof replacement, there’s bound to be constant noise. Loud conversations and loud high-powered machinery, along with physical movements on the roof all cause echoes and vibrations that travel through the walls.

Take down hanging photos, mirrors, lights, and decorations from the walls and ceilings. Items on high-level bookcases or shelves may also need to be relocated.

4. Trim and protect greenery.

Clear surroundings for your hired contractor by trimming plants that limit walkways. Trim tree branches that hang low especially on the roof. Mow the grass and keep it short for easy treading, equipment placement, and after-work cleanup.

Remember to use protective coverings for greenery on and around the work zone. Cover your lawn where work is done directly on and above. Check with your contractor and make sure that they do their part in doing this.

5. Shield Time Interiors.

As workers walk on the roof and pound on it, dust and debris are likely to fall from the ceiling. These particles may also fly into the house. Cover the attic windows and contents. Draw the blinds on the side where work is being done. 

Use old or spare sheets to cover your bed, couches, TV unit, and whatever can catch dust and dirt. This makes vacuuming easier and faster. There’s less dirt coming in. And whatever comes in, you can easily shake off.

6. Advise Family Of Safety Measures.

This is important especially if you have young kids and house pets. Make them aware of incoming roof replacement work. Guide them on how to be mindful of their surroundings especially when actual work commences.

Mark places they should avoid. Set up barricades if needed. Note power cables and other wiring’s that may cause a trip up. Update your family and remind them to be aware when work zones change and whenever new equipment is positioned.

Replacing your roof is often a complicated and costly task. But it is important not to delay.

For help with roof replacement in Pembroke Pines, FL call us any time. Our friendly and qualified staff will be ready to provide a cost-effective solution for your house roofing needs.